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Reiki & Energy balancing

Harmonization for body and mind

through the healing life energy 


Reiki is aimed at

the balance

on the physical, mental level

to restore

and has a supportive effect.

The risk of stress reactions

on your body is diminished,

strengthened your immune system,

your personal performance


A balance arises,

especially in various everyday situations

for you and for those around you

will be noticeable.


The energy flows through my hands into your energy field.


This energy controls itself,

flows there,

where it is needed and balances,

without my influence.


according to the Usui system of natural healing:


Reiki basic course (1 degree)

Attunement, meditations, theory and practice of energy transfer


Reiki advanced course (2nd degree)

Increasing energy levels, mental treatment, long-distance energy transfer.

Reiki Master (3rd degree)

Attunement to the master's mark

Reiki teacher (4th degree)

Training/introduction to attuning other people

Repetition of the individual building blocks


All  Reiki degrees are held on a (8 hour)

or 2 days (4 hours each).

After each module/degree you will receive a certificate. 

Price tier: 

1st Reiki degree          290€
2nd Reiki degree         450€
3rd Reiki degree          750€

4th Reiki degree.        950€

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